What Is The Current Status Of Donald Trump Big Tech Lawsuit?

Trump Big Tech Lawsuit

What is the current status of Donald Trump big tech lawsuit? Our fearless leader shook up cyberspace when he filed his class-action lawsuit last July 7th. It was amended to include 65,000 censorship stories submitted to AFPI on July 30th 21. Now a page link to AFPI in Newsmax’s article is returning a 404 not found error. I’m one of the claimants in this lawsuit…

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Former Potus45 Donald Trump Full Interview With Sean Hannity 11/23/21

trump hannity interview

Former Potus45 Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss President Joe Biden’s failing economy. His petroleum reserve release is a political move with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us. America uses about 18 Billion barrels daily, what slow Joe is releasing will last less than a week. They discussed the criminal trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and many other subjects. Donald Trump Full Interview with…

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Truth Social Media Platform Big Tech Hackers Played For Suckers!

Truth Social Media

Truth Social, Donald Trump’s new social media platform was undergoing beta testing when several big tech hackers who were unwittingly played for suckers helped test the new sites user registration. It didn’t take them long for a couple of fake profiles to be created with the results being tweeted out into cyberspace. They were played by the old master, Donald Trump and his team! Dan…

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