Full Encryption Done Right Using CloudFlare FREE SSL TLS

Secure SSL TLS Encrypted Website

These days the best available transport layer security (TLS) can be acquired at no cost. And purchasing a certificate is no longer necessary. Here’s how we do encryption correctly using CloudFlare Free FULL Strict SSL on this blog! Running your website forum or blog under CloudFlare provides the best available speed through caching and unbeatable firewall in the business. It’s as easy as going to cloudflare.com and registering your account. After registering your webmaster account click add website and follow the prompts. After your domain is active on cloudflare click…

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WordPress HTTP & HTTPS Via This Protocol Relative Mod

wordpress https

Are you ready to go https with your WordPress blog? Here is a neat trick that will allow your blog to accept both HTTP and HTTPS using Protocol Relative with no insecure page errors. Ive been running WordPress for many years and recently made the jump to TLS Encryption by using CloudFlare Free https. CloudFlare and many others have disabled SSL because of a security vulnerability. The latest encryption protocol is “transport layer security ” (TLS.) The disadvantage of this is, many older browsers do not support it and will…

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