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Are you needing Internet webmaster help to improve your website’s reach deep into cyberspace? I’m an old-school webmaster who has learned a lot since first starting a Fidonet computer bulletin board system in 1991. That Fidonet BBS site is still online today and was online long before the internet was opened up to the public. When the net was rolled out to the public, FidoSysop followed Google like a hawk learning all there was to be learned about this new communications tool. The net has evolved since those mid-90s days, and keeping up with all the changes is imperative to keep one step ahead of your competition. I’m the net-savvy webmaster who can help! 🙂

Webmaster Help by FidoSysop
for all your internet webmaster help needs ask FidoSysop. My advice has always been FREE and still is!

As you can see by this website’s content, I’m also a political blogger on the Right Side of all things political. Actually defending my country from Democratic socialism destruction has been a great learning experience keeping ahead of big tech’s censorship. I’ve developed a whole new set of webmaster skills and best practices avoiding political bias censorship. This site is a mirror of my domain registered in 1998. Another savvy webmaster trick using multiple domains!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also imperative to be found online. Knowing how to set up your static page’s meta title and description helps to gain the best position. The same goes for blog posts and store items. I highly recommend the Yoast SEO plugin if you are using WordPress. It has both readability and SEO analysis tools built-in. Nothing beats proper SEO keyword research.

Your website’s speed is the next most important factor after SEO. Search engines judge your site by its speed, the faster the better. I highly recommend using a FREE CloudFlare account to manage your website’s Domain Name System (DNS) functions. After registering your CloudFlare account it will instruct you to change your domains name servers to point to cloudflare. It will take up to 24 hours for the domain to propagate to its new host. Setup can be challenging because of the multitude of features and optimization options.

This world-class DNS management service offers free SSL certificates, block bad bots by IP country or ASN number. And the best part is their content caching takes a good percentage of server load off of your origin. CloudFlare’s Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) will send your WordPress site into orbit. This package is part of the Pro account that costs $20 and is a bargain. The pro plan also includes their Web Application Firewall (WAF) that has specific options to protect popular web applications like WordPress, for example. I’m well versed with CloudFlare and can set it all up.

WordPress acceleration with CloudFlare APO
Smoking fast example of website’s acelerated speed analysis running CloudFlare APO for WordPress.

How are your SEO Skills? (search engine optimization.) If you want to compete with the big-boys learning proper SEO keyword research, and SEO correct writing skills is very important. Otherwise, you’ll be lost in cyberspace. I can help to rewrite your existing content or provide the training necessary to be on top of your game!

WordPress and SEO Internet Help
Yoast SEO post-analysis all fields are green it doesn’t get much better than this!

These are a few examples of the kind of web services I can help with. I’ve been around the block many times and am a wealth of webmaster knowledge, tips, and tricks. I can help with just about anything web or social media-related. Dedicated server hosting for managed client domains.

My webmaster advice has always been FREE and still is. Contact Me! 😎