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Duke Farms Eagle Cam Live HD Video Feed

Duke Farms Live HD Eagle Cam. Duke farms webcam is located on an adjacent tree next to the Bald Eagle’s Nest. It provides a live look at the daily lives of the eagles as they raise their baby chicks.

In partnership with The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, lesson plans were created to facilitate place-based educational opportunities for students.

Between the general public and classrooms up and down the east coast, the Duke Farms Eagle Cam has many fans. Over 8 million viewers and growing!

Other Eagles Nest and live cams are located in our sitemap under pages.

Rewind video instant replay option: Click anywhere on the red timeline bar below the image to go back up to 4 hours. Click on the “LIVE” button to return to the live feed. Optionally, you can click the * button in the player bar to increase video resolution. :wink:

  • eliot howard

    Have any eggs been laid

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