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Decorah Eagles Nest Cam 2019 HD Video

Here is Decorah Eagles Nest Cam In Enhanced HD View. This  Webcam is from from Raptor Research Project in Decorah Iowa. The project installed and runs the live stream for research purposes.

Two nests are in use by the pair. Both sit atop Cottonwood trees standing 500 feet apart near a fresh stream and Decorah Fish Hatchery, a trout farm.

Filmed in real time, the parents can be seen delivering a variety of freshly-caught prey, feeding the eaglets, and protecting them from predators and harsh weather. With the help of infrared lighting, the nest is viewable around the clock during the nesting season, which typically begins in January or February, with fledge in June.

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Rewind video instant replay option: Click anywhere on the red timeline bar below the image to go back up to 4 hours. Click on the “LIVE” button to return to the live feed. Optionally, you can click the * button in the player bar to increase video resolution. 😉