Parler Social Media Website, Did It Go Belly Up?

Parler Social Media

Yesterday I clicked on a bookmark for the Parler Social Media website but the page soon timed out. Curios what happened to Parler I fired off a Tweet asking what happened to the site, with no answer. Furthermore, a hashtag search didn’t return much. It’s probably been a year since I logged into my account. That website was punished by the deep state and big tech. It was shut down by Amazon AWS. Then came up with a host in Germany, I believe. There are several articles blogged on my…

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Mastering SEO by The Good Internet Doctor

Mastering SEO

Mastering SEO: Here I use my Internet Handle “FidoSysop” to demonstrate its results on the DuckDuckGo search index. Also at the end of this video, I pointed out a bug in Windows 11 with tiny text sizes in mostly secondary and popup windows. Here I use my Internet Handle “fidosysop” to demonstrate its results on the DuckDuckGo search index. When writing articles or blog posts good keywords or keyphrases are a must if you want to hit your target. A couple of great tools to teach proper grammar and your…

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410 Gone WordPress Mod Tutorial

410 Gone For WordPress

I’ve made a few changes around here which is why this notification is auto-generated. Doc’s political archives have been moved to this subdomain , which is a more suitable place for them. Some other old stuff was removed as well. This created a HUGE SEO problem as there were thousands of URLs that were displaying the standard HTTP 404 page not found status code. This is a big SEO no-no as search engines will crawl those not found URLs (dead links) practically forever checking if they are back available. To…

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cPanel WHM Admins, Plesk Obsidian Is A Great FREE Alternative

Plesk Obsidian Review

cPanel WHM Admins, Plesk Obsidian is a great FREE Alternative. cPanel is without a doubt a great platform but is also the most costly. As a hobbyist, I was paying $39.00 for an Admin 5 domain license plus the host’s VPS server charges. Last month my hosting bill was $106.00. So I started looking for a GUI alternative to WHM and cPanel. I’m not comfortable using a terminal doing command line tasks. My host, Vultr has many applications that can be spun up in a short time. After looking through…

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CloudFlare WARP VPN The Best For Windows 10 And Smartphones

CloudFlare WARP VPN

CloudFlare WARP VPN is without a doubt the best VPN on the market and it’s FREE. I use it on my Winders 10 desktop computer and my iPhone. Another strong point about CloudFlare WARP is that it’s trusted by big tech, so when logging into Facebook or any Google service they don’t flag the IP as suspicious. I’m sure those of you that have used VPNs in the past know those unknown IP address security warnings are a PITA. But not with WARP since it’s from CloudFlare the web security…

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WordPress High-Performance Speed Tips From The Good Internet Doctor

wordpress high-performance

WordPress HIGH-Performance is a must these days whether you’re an independent blogger like me or running a Political or Corporate website. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers around sixty percent of the web worldwide. It’s well supported and has an array of plugins that make optimizing it a cinch for site owners and webmasters like me who have tweaked its performance to the max. This tutorial covers CloudFlare content delivery network (CDN) and automatic platform optimization (APO) and S3 lazy load and language GTranslate plugin tweaks.…

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Saying Goodbye to Costly cPanel and Hello Plesk Obsidian Web Admin SE

Plesk Obsidian Web Admin SE

Recently I gave cPanel the boot and said hello to Plesk Obsidian Web Admin SE which is FREE for up to 3 domains. I’ve run cPanel for well over a decade, but its license fee has skyrocketed within the past year. Searching for an alternative and trying two others, I chose the FREE Plesk Obsidian Web Admin SE version as the easiest to set up. And had my two sites online within an hour. Plesk Obsidian is way different than cPanel and with such, there is a learning curve to…

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WHM cPanel Acquired By Oakley Capital Raises License Fees

cPanel license fee increase

Running WHM / cPanel hosting cloud instance? cPanel has new multi tiered pricing . It’s no doubt that cPanel is the best web server software on the net, but from what I’m reading starting on 09/01/19. Licensees will be billed by how many account’s (domains) are hosted on an instance. Looks like it will get really expensive to run under cPanel. As a hobbyist i have 5 domains hosted in my vps instance, which would put me in the Admin tier billed at $20 month, an increase of $4 monthly.…

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Content Delivery Network Best For Worldwide Reach

content delivery network

Trying to reach a worldwide audience? A content delivery network (CDN) is he way to go. The whole idea is to push your content from a node closest to your audience. This blog is pushed out of CloudFlare which delivers it worldwide with the least amount of network hops. This world map shows this cdn’s node locations in major cities . If your audience is closest to one of these nodes, they will be better served by the cdn, rather than a fixed location. This blog post is a plug…

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Google Shortening Meta Description Length

Google Meta Description Reduced

Google is reverting back to it’s previous shorter meta description length. The latest meta description is said to be reduced to between 150 to 170 Characters. Though as of this post no definite meta length has been revealed. According to Yoast . Our meta descriptions need to be shorter. Just a few months ago, we told you that your meta descriptions could be longer . Now we’re saying that they should be shorter. I understand the confusion. But Google changed its mind. And whenever Google changes its mind about something, we…

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Hotlinking: Damaging Your Trust Factor & Stealing Resources

33arvida Hotlinking Images

Hotlinking is the shady dark-web practice of linking to resources on your server. Scammers are stealing your bandwidth. Even worse your resources are used to spread malware killing your domain’s trust factor! Google and Bing track your images and other hotlinked resources. Backlinks coming from spammy phishing domains and will earn your domain a penalty. Here’s how to stop this bad element in it’s tracks! 😉 As a rule Google Analytics and even WordPress Jetpack stats will not show your resources that are being stolen. A good free way to…

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Visitor Maps Who’s Online WordPress IPV6 Mod

Visitor Maps IPV6 Database Mod

Visitor Maps and Who’s Online by Mike Challis is a favorite among WordPress webmasters to display visitors IP addresses and location. Unfortunately IPV6 addresses are cut off by visitor maps 20 character IPV4 field limit. Doc shows how to mod it’s character length in this tutorial solving the problem. Visitor Maps and Who’s Online is unfortunately no longer available on the WordPress plugin repository. Mike Challis explains what happened below. From Mike Challis : I am the original author of Visitor maps. This plugin had a new owner in June…

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