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Welcome To Doc’s Tiny Little Piece Of Cyberspace. I’m a retired auto dealer and ase certified mechanic, turned self educated Internet Guru hanging out in Cyberspace keeping up with tech.

Doc & Doc's Place BBS in 2000

Doc’s Place BBS In 2000 running under Windows NT4.

Never being bashful I often shoot from the hip and say just what is on my mind without sugar-coating it. One thing i don’t do is lie or beat around the bush about anything or anyone.

I also have a very outgoing personality and occasionally use a few colorful metaphors to describe something or someone.

As a hobbyist i started Doc’s Place computer bulletin board system (BBS) in 1991 that is the longest running Wildcat system of it’s kind in the USA!

That old BBS still exists today after 27 years of providing Fidonet Messaging Access to the public. Though the dial-up lines have been disconnected since around 1998.

Being a system operator (SysOp) as it was called back in the old disk operating system days (DOS) was a great way to learn about computers and communicating online.

My work background was repairing and selling used cars. Received my dealer license back in 1973. In 1999 i was the 1st Tampa Bay area car dealer to sell cars on eBay. That was some experience, good at first, but scams and fraud started chipping away at the founders cornerstone of trust. Major auction fraud was overlooked as management stuffed their pockets full of cash! :sad:

Over the past 14 years I’ve archived a big collection of eBay Inc dirty laundry. They’ve trashed my excellent feedback using reputation management gang stalking harassment and troll attack techniques. More info on that is here.

Doc's Place BBS About The Sysop

Some of the older articles on this blog are pertaining to Internet car sales. Advising car dealers how to score more leads and sell more cars online. And general webmaster advice about seo and social media marketing. Since then I’ve retired on forced disability due to health issues.

As a hobbyist I’ve turned into one of the best internet geeks online. Need FREE help with WordPress or other net related problems? Contact me. I can also be found hanging out on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve sure came a long way since the early days without the Internet!

Feel free to comment or just say hello below.. :cool: