Google+ Censoring Pro-Trump Conservative Hashtags

Found out last night that Google+ is censoring pro-Trump and conservative hashtags. After blogging a new article here I share to my Facebook page, Twitter, and Google Plus using Buffer. After clicking on my Hashtags nothing was found!

Google+ Hashtag Censorship
It’s 9 days until Florida’s midterm primary election and Google+ is censoring conservatives by hiding relevant hashtags

With only 9 days remaining until Florida’s primary election big tech is ramping up the censorship. I’ve yet to get any clicks from Google+ so as a rule i just share to my personal (public) profile and pay more attention to Facebook and Twitter.

I’m shadowbanned on Twitter and it’s quite obvious I’m also shadowbanned on YouTube. Judging from the lack of video views there’s a block on me there too.

It’s quite obvious I’m on Googles Shit List. But why are my views and personal opinion being censored? I’ve never shared Fake News or trolled anyone in YouTube of Google+ comments. The media shared on social networks are conservative and pro-Trump.

I have another website that has been up since 2004 advising eBay used car shoppers how to avoid vehicle fraud. Google censored it’s domain ( For years it got virtually no traffic and it’s a HUGE website blog forum and video site. I’m sure it’s the reason I’m on Google’s shit list.

As for when European scammers were literally picking trusted eBay motors buyers to the bone selling non-existent automobiles. I warned the public to verify an offering was legitimate before sending their money.

Here is an old podcast by Micheal Donahue taking about Doc and eBay security.

I could open a new Google account but why bother. Google knows more about me than i know about myself. They have my computer and routers MAC address. My android smartphones ESN and god knows what else there dossier on me holds.

So between my motor vehicle specific fraud awareness website, and being a conservative who Loves America and Donald J. Trump. Guess that’s why I’m on Googles bad boy shit list. It’s all about the money!

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cent’s worth! 😎

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