The Cure For Adobe Flash Player Crash In Firefox Browser

For better than a year i have experienced annoying adobe flash player crashes in Firefox web browser

Waterfox The 64 Bit Firefox AlternativeI kept waiting on a Firefox update that would fix it. Gawd knows how many reports i filed with Adobe when their flash player crashed. Firefox updates came and went with flash crashing as usual.

Before we go any further i should point out this flash player crash fix is for 64 bit Windows Seven users with Mozilla’s Firefox web browser only.

I prefer Firefox, and rather than use any other web browser i stuck with it. Often having to save my work and restart Firefox after running to rid my system of cookies cache and other junk.

When upgrading my system hardware last year i had opted to go with 64 bit hardware with an Intel processor and a fresh install of Windows Seven 64 Bit operating system. After thinking about it a while it dawned on me that after that hardware update was when i started having problems with Adobe flash player crashing in my default browser Firefox.

After doing some investigation last month i realized i was using a 32 bit version of Firefox. That seems strange since i did a fresh Firefox install right after installing Windows Seven, and Mozilla should have determined i was using a 64 bit system and installed the correct version. Nope Firefox 32 bit browser was installed and as it turned out is what is causing the problem.

Further investigation revealed that Firefox does not make a 64 bit browser. Seems strange since 64 bit computing is surly the future of personal computing.

While searching for Firefox 64 bit web browser i came across Waterfox the 64 bit Firefox alternative .

What’s Waterfox all about? Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla Firefox source code. Waterfox is specifically for 64-bit systems, with one thing in mind: speed.

I downloaded it and did an install. I’m happy to report that it installed itself in a separate directory and left my Firefox installation intact and functional. Whats ever more impressive is Waterfox uses my same Firefox theme, and plugins. You can download Waterfox here .

NO More Flash Player Crash!! YEA!!!!!!

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