Google Shortening Meta Description Length

Google is reverting back to it’s previous shorter meta description length. The latest meta description is said to be reduced to between 150 to 170 Characters. Though as of this post no definite meta length has been revealed.

Google Meta Description Reduced
Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed Google is shortening it’s meta description lengths after increasing to 320 character max.

According to Yoast . Our meta descriptions need to be shorter. Just a few months ago, we told you that your meta descriptions could be longer . Now we’re saying that they should be shorter.

I understand the confusion. But Google changed its mind. And whenever Google changes its mind about something, we need to adjust accordingly. It’s almost like if Google says jump; we reply with ‘how high?’. But, for better or worse, that’s the way this SEO game works. Here, I’ll explain what Google has changed concerning the meta descriptions and what the consequences will be.

Danny Sullivan, does not say how long the new meta descriptions will be. He says that the length will be shorter, but variable. Research of Moz shows that most meta descriptions are about the same length as they were before Google decided to increase the number of available characters.

Some longer meta descriptions are showing up in various Bing searches. This blogs home page listing on Bing is longer. But will Bing reduce this when it’s length is changed for Google? Possibly Yoast can add a Bing specific meta description?

Bing Meta Description Longer Length
Bing is taking advantage of longer meta description length.

We have to keep up with whats going on in the SEO world to stay current. And it’s really getting tough to be found in search. My writing skills suck. Maybe it’s time to give up on this blog. Yoast recently wrote an article about quitting blogging .

I started out running a Fidonet Bulletin Board System (BBS) back in 1991. BBSing hit its peak around 94-95. With the Internet’s public rollout dial-up systems like mine started their death spiral. But some creative thinking saved the old BBS!

In 1997 Doc’s Place BBS was upgraded to accept callers from the internet. That breathed new life into my BBS hobby and callers came from everywhere. Doc’s Place BBS is still online today and calls are actually up after Facebook’s privacy debacle.

Whatever happened to the good old days when the net was young?? It’s getting to the point where small blogs like this-one are lost in cyberspace. Personally speaking its highly doubtful that exposure will get better any time soon. 🙁

Being a Donald Trump supporter is a strike against a blogger in big techs mind. Twitter has shadowbanned my account. And Facebook isn’t much better.  Blogging used to be fun but has turned into a waste of energy. Maybe it’s time to start BBSing again. See whats going on in the message conferences.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth as usual! 😎

I'm a former Auto Dealer and Mechanic born in the 50s. In 1991 Doc's Place Bulletin Board System was born on the Fidonet Network. Since the net went public I've been studying and mastering it becoming a tech-savvy hobbyist webmaster. my opinion about many worthy subjects and maintain a large conservative archive!

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