The Casey Anthony Trial Starts Today In Orlando Fla

What a trial this is going to be!

Casey Anthony Partying

Casey Anthony Partying

The Casey Anthony trial, for the alleged murder of her toddler Caylee Anthony, is chilling and bizarre.  It’s a mystery that has captured the public’s attention ever since the media started covering it in late 2008.

There was quite a few sparks flying here in Clearwater FL when jury selection was underway. One potential juror getting hit with a $450 contempt of court fine, and a loony spectator served 2 days in the clink for shouting out “she is a killer” Dumb! At least Judge Belvin Perry was nice enough to let her out after spending 12 hours behind bars.

The trick for prosecutors will be weaving the vivid description of the smell of a dead body emanating from Casey Anthony’s Pontiac with the arcane forensic evidence expected to be used to bolster the state’s case.

They’ll have to delicately illustrate Casey Anthony’s actions following her daughter’s disappearance as well — the lying, the partying, the tattooing, the young woman’s proceeding with life minus her daughter.

Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

In short, they’ll need to transform tens of thousands of pages of discovery documents, photos, expert testimony and forensic reports into the very human story of a child death that should not have occurred.

Jose Baez and his defense team, meanwhile, have an equally challenging task: defending a client whose behavior has been questioned, mocked and criticized over and over again since mid-July 2008. Baez has vowed the defense will explain in opening statements what took Casey Anthony 31 days to finally report her child missing.

I’m undecided whether she is Guilty or Not.  How would Anthony’s Mother know what a rotting corpse would smell like? If i was a juror i don’t think i would want to smell the caned up stink from Anthony’s car.

This trial will probably have more twists and turns than O.J. Simpson.

Maybe Florida should bring Old Sparky out of storage for this gal if she is found guilty!

Video courtesy of WFTV-9 Central Florida. And only available during the trial.

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  1. admin
    06/04/2011 at 9:46 AM

    If i were to be a juror, I would say Casey Anthony is guilty as charged.

    Anyone else care to comment?

    07/04/2011 at 2:29 AM


  3. admin
    07/05/2011 at 2:32 PM

    NOT Guilty of 1st Degree Murder!

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