Bernie Sanders Surrenders But Will Joe Biden Live To Election Day?

Comrade Bernie Sanders ending his presidential campaign is today’s big news. That leaves dementia stricken Joe Biden the only possible DNC nominee for president. But will Biden live long enough to be beaten by Donald Trump on election day? That’s not a threat, just my opinion!

Joe Biden is in my opinion not mentally and physically well. Though the dnc lobbyist partner media is painting a rosy picture of Biden, I doubt he lives long enough to be elected. If the senile old coot just happens to croak on election day, will the dnc and their lobbyist media hide his death? 😆

Fox News Reports: Bernie Sanders suspended his Democratic presidential campaign on Wednesday, effectively ensuring former Vice President Joe Biden will be the party’s nominee even as the liberal Vermont senator vowed to continue to lead his “movement” into the future.

The senator, at one point the front-runner for the nomination, initially announced the decision during an all-staff conference call Wednesday morning, and followed up with an address livestreamed to supporters shortly before noon. Citing Biden’s lead of more than 300 convention delegates, Sanders declared: “The path toward victory is virtually impossible.”

It’s obvious America does not want a Socialist President. Especially a socialist who praises Fidel Castro and told his supporters Castro was a good leader who educated his countries kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed the Cuban society. Then Bernie campaign field manager Carl Jurek States Cities Will Burn if Trump Wins Re-Election. Calls for Violence, Mass Murder of Opposition, and Reign of Terror. Jurek stated Milwaukee will burn if Bernie loses nomination!

bernie sanders suspends campaign

So it’s evident Bernie torched his own campaign. So the question is, did Bernie get paid by the dnc to end his campaign? Something stinks like dead fish with this sudden Sanders ending. But lets go back to the apparent pretty much guaranteed democrat nominee Joe Biden. This man is not well mentally. He can’t speak without mucking a sentence up. Apparently he also is having difficulties reading a teleprompter. That is evident by the look on his face as he tries to speak.

It’s clearly evident only Donald J. Trump who is mentally and physically capable of leading America for his next term. Considering that China Lied and covered up their CoronaVirus CVNID-19 death sentence on the world. Donald Trump is doing an excellent job as our commander and chief.

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