Amazon 3rd Party Sellers Trashing Jeff Bezos Good Reputation

Some of Amazon’s third-party sellers are stirring up quite a buzz on the net. There is talk of fraud by sellers who disappear overnight, leaving Bezos to clean up the mess. It’s doing a number on Amazon’s reputation, but nobody seems to care. 😥

Amazon Bad 3rd Party Sellers
Bad 3rd party sellers are doing a number on Amazon’s brand reputation. Not counting phishing scams orchestrated in Amazon’s name

Amazon is experiencing problems that consumers typically associate with marketplaces like eBay: scam sellers, are racking up high negative feedback ratings.

One seller we reviewed last night showed an astoundingly low 1% positive feedback out of 498 ratings. Source .

This story  by a Forbes contributor explains one fraudster method: the seller tells the customer they’ll receive their item in 3 – 4 weeks, and then they “wait for Amazon’s two-week payment cycle to run its course, whereupon they collect their cash.”

Reddit article: Well, I’ve “bought” a Switch for just 256 USD, and some games, for 39 USD, and a Mini NES Classic for 69 USD. Well they all were just scam!. Now I’ll probably have to wait a month at least to recover my money from Amazon.

Hoards of scammers are using Amazon’s good brand name to defraud the public. Mostly selling vehicles, and other high dollar items on eBay, Craigslist, and smartphone Apps, at too good to be true prices that should set off red flags.

Fraudsters tell prospective buyers to purchase gift cards and email them the redemption codes. Once the victim complies, the scammer breaks off all communication.

This fraudulent website ‘’ is registered in Beijing China and was used to add false sense of shipping legitimacy to a ‘too good to be true’ used vehicle purchase.

Counterfeit Vehicle Shipping Website
Fraudsters registered this amazon clone website to defraud vehicle shoppers online

Why is Jeff Bezos allowing this fraud to consume his good business reputation? Internet scammers know they pretty much have a ‘get out of jail free’ card. The chances of getting arrested for internet fraud is probably less than 10%.

Doc is a Prime Member and due to many problems with junk merchandise or late shipping, he will only purchase prime owned and shipped items.

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