Drake Enterprises Cyber Services Attacks

Drake Holdings IP Range AKA AS62540 has been attacking my blogs for months. Drake is attempting to harvest every article image etc on the two WordPress sites.

R.L. Drake Scraper Bot IP and IP ranges are attacking our sites but blocked by CloudFlare Firewall

Fortunately we run our DNS through CloudFlare and are able to block the attacks. CloudFlare provides the best cyber attack protection in the business, even on free accounts.

Drake Holdings IP Firewall Blocks
Screenshot from our CloudFlare Firewall Alerts

Quite a bit of info about Drake Holdings comes up in a Google search, including this discussion on webmasterworld.com forum. Contacting the administrator via email has been unsuccessful.

It’s a possibility Drake is scraping for political data. We have a lot of posts on this blog stumping for our fearless leader Donald J Trump. But nothing like that on our other site that has been in operation since 2004.

So it’s anyone’s best guess what they are up to. Searching Google for Drake Holdings brings up this website .  Drake makes cable TV set top boxes, and other equipment along those lines.

We look at it like this. Our two domains are for consumers searching for information on a variety of subjects. We will not tolerate nosy snooping bots constantly attempting to strip mine our data. And we suggest you do the same.

If your site is running using conventional name server setup using cPanel. Log into it’s admin and select IP Deny Manager and add these two ranges and to give this attacker the boot!

CloudFlare is highly recommended to secure and optimize your website or blog. If you’re already a CloudFlare client log into your account and select the Firewall tab. Add those two above IP ranges and select block and you’re done.

Have questions or have info to add to this post? feel free to comment below.

As usual just my two cents worth! 😉

I'm a former Auto Dealer and Mechanic born in the 50s. In 1991 Doc's Place Bulletin Board System was born on the Fidonet Network. Since the net went public I've been studying and mastering it becoming a tech-savvy hobbyist webmaster. I.blog my opinion about many worthy subjects and maintain a large conservative archive!

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