Tampa Bay Red Light Camera Locations

Here is an interactive map of Tampa Bay Area Red Light Camera Locations. If there are other red light cams in this area not on this map. Please leave there location and fine amount (if known) in a comment below.

Be alert and drive safely – the life you save – just might be your own!

Google Earth web browser plugin is required to view location-pins and street view, zoom, etc.

Red Light Cams in the local Tampa Bay News.

The Pinellas County Clerk of Court is asking six cities in Pinellas county to put a moratorium on writing tickets for drivers caught running red lights.

Clerk Ken Burke sent a letter to St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Oldsmar, Kenneth City, Gulfport and South Pasadena, calling the red light camera ticketing process unfair and confusing.

“It’s a result of citizen complaints we’ve received at the clerk’s office and how they feel the violations are unfair,” said Marie Wilson, manager of the clerk’s accounting department. Read more about it here in the Tampa Bay Times.

Here is a custom Google search query that brings up some interesting results.

Yellow light timings have probably been tampered with to gain additional revenue. It’s a known fact some yellow lights are so fast to turn red. There’s no way a driver could enter an intersection on a yellow and make it through before the light turns red. It’s all about the $$ folks!

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