WordPress Structured Data Hatom Errors

I’m running several WordPress blogs with Authorship setup on them and are stumped on why Google Webmaster Tools is loaded up with structured data errors.

I am using Artisteer 4.2.0 Standard Edition to generate my WordPress themes. Artisteer support did come up with a fix for there themes and using a static home landing page.

Please try changing the following files:
1. in libraries/wrappers.php
echo ‘<‘.$heading.’>’.$title.'</’.$heading.’>’;
2. The “author” class, as well as the “vcard” element with a “url fn n” author link in it should be automatically added when you enable the Author option in your posts.
Please use Artisteer > Content tab > Metadata > Post Header > Icons > Author > Show Author option. The same is related to ‘date’

I should add that since 3.8 WordPress “Pages” require “Show Title On Page” to be checked. But this code swap did fix the “Error: Missing required hCard “author”.” in Artisteer. but all other blog articles are showing “Error: Missing required field “updated”. So there were still problems somewhere. Artisteer has a different file structure than most common WordPress themes.

I Googled for days finding this problem has apparently existed for some time. But now from what i have read, what were once “Warnings” are now “Errors” and are preventing Authorship thumbnails from showing in search results.

Updated 02/09/2014: Here is the Complete Fix for Artisteer Version 4.2 generated themes and possibly others.

google webmaster tools structured data errors

So i decided to set up this fresh default WordPress 3.8 on an unused domain to see what the testing tool and Google Webmaster Tools showed. The same problems exist. I have opened a ticket last month with WordPress Trac and got nowhere. Also a post in WordPress support forums has not produced any results, but others have the same problem.

This problem has been solved. Click here for the fix. 😉

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