Funeral Procession Kim Jong II Lead By Classic American Hearse

Classic Detroit Iron In KoreaWell Lookie Here!

Ex North Korea dictator Kim Jong II being carried to his final resting place (probably in hell) by a Classic 1976 Lincoln Continental Hearse!

This just goes to show how well respected our Classic AMERICAN Detroit Iron is to a communist country like North Korea. Following behind was a fleet of late model Mercedes-Benz Automobiles.

Nothing beat our world class American Auto Workers back in those days, twisting wrenches and building quality automobiles!

Speaking of Detroit MI, AKA Motor City USA. It’s so sad what it has become in 40 Years!

The big photo of Kim Jong II also was carried atop another Classic Lincoln Continental Limousine, with the blown-up portrait being propped on top of the car, symbolizing death, as if the coffin before it weren’t enough to tip you off.

A North Korean state television broadcast of the services showed a tearful Kim Jong Un, the son and chosen successor of Kim Jong II, trudging through the snow alongside the procession as it began at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, where Kim Jong II’s body had been lying in state since his death earlier this month.

His son Kim Jong Un looks like trouble in the making. Hopefully he won’t do something stupid like invading South Korea, or elsewhere, causing President Obama to send our troops in.

North Korea’s next leader is leading a funeral procession for his father Kim Jong II through Pyongyang’s snow-covered streets.

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  1. Anonymous
    12/30/2011 at 9:46 PM

    Someone should have sent a cruise misle into the procession. Got em all in one place. 😎

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