Take A Video Tour Of A Microsoft Cloud Data Center

Microsoft IT-PAC Container

Microsoft IT-PAC Container

Ever wonder how your web pages and emails are delivered to your computer?

As a teenager i was intrigued with electronics. Learned how to fix TV’s and Radios at 15. Back then i remember building a battery operated 3 transistor radio in an old cardboard cigar box out of old salvaged parts.

Those were the good old days. Life was simple – and TV’s and Radios were fun to work on, and were designed to be technician friendly. Anyone remember the old Sam’s Photofact manuals? That’s a trip back in time showing my age.

These day’s technology is moving so fast i can’t even begin to keep up with it all, but it’s a challenge at least to try.

Microsoft has selected a site near Boydton, Virginia for a major new data center project, with plans to invest up to $499 million in the rural community in the southern part of the state. The company plans to build a cutting-edge data center that will serve as the East Coast hub for Microsoft’s online services.

Microsoft’s decision is being welcomed by officials in Virginia, which engaged in a pitched battle with neighboring North Carolina to win the huge project, which will create 50 new jobs.

This video will provide a deeper look at how Microsoft uses secure, reliable, scalable and efficient best practices to deliver over 200 cloud services to more than a billion customers and 20 million businesses in over 70 countries.It provides an understanding at how we view our end-to-end cloud strategy from an infrastructure perspective.

This is a tour of one of Google’s Containerized Data Centers.

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