Did eBay Seller Take Money And Run? 586 Neg’s In 30 Days!

Wow t.j.electronics1 586 Negs In 30 Days

586 Negs In 30 Days & Still Going!

Wholly Smokes!

Wonder whats going on with this eBay seller? T.J.ELECTRONICS1??

The neg’s are seriously piling up. As of this posting the eBay Shooting Star Power Seller has received 586 negative feedback comment’s in 30 days. And is still not suspended from eBay.

And t.j.electronics1’s eBay DSR Ratings are surprisingly high for getting this many negative feedbacks. Especially a 5.0 for shipping charges, and 4.7 for shipping time. I guess those eBay DSR ratings really work well for high volume sellers. 🙄

Even more interesting is. After cruising eBay’s Sellers Central and Professional Buyers discussion boards, I didn’t see a peep about this apparent holiday fleecing of eBay buyers. As a rule something this big would have a huge thread going on eBay’s boards.

I read somewhere that eBay had laid down the law on their discussion boards and no longer allows discussion about fraudulent transactions.

Oh well.. I guess the old saying must be true, the bigger someone is are the harder they fall.

Hopefully eBay and PayPal buyer protection programs will reimburse these buyers. If I’m correct a buyer has 30 days to file an item not received complaint with PayPal.

From what i understand, If a buyer does not file a complaint within the alloted time frame eBay requires they will be out of luck. But might have a chance of recovering their money by filing a charge back with their credit card company, IF they funded the PayPal payment with a credit card.

If you know anything about this seller, or lost money in a transaction, leave a comment below.

Toolhaus.com eBay Negative Feedback Score for seller T.J.ELECTRONICS1

Toolhaus.com eBay Negative Feedback Score for seller T.J.ELECTRONICS1

2 comments for “Did eBay Seller Take Money And Run? 586 Neg’s In 30 Days!

  1. Anonymous
    12/18/2011 at 11:52 PM

    That looks like major fraud unfolding. More negs are piling up each day. :mrgreen:

  2. Anynomus
    12/22/2011 at 12:48 PM

    Wonder if this is the same seller? Found it on a Bing search for t.j.electronics1


    Might have been a PayPal account freeze like someone on trust and safety said.

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