Myspace Drops Out Of The Top 10 Visited Website List

Myspace Out Of Top 10 List

Myspace Out Of Top 10 List

It barely seems like yesterday that MySpace was the hot property on the web, attracting a big bid from NewsCorp and generally enjoying life at the top of the social tree.

How quickly life changes in the web 2.0 world. Data by Experian Hitwise revealed today that the social network had fallen out of the top 10 social networking sites visited by British people in the last year. MySpace has been replaced in the top 10 by sites such as StumbleUpon, with other community sites such as Moshi Monster and Money saving expert all achieving more traffic than Myspace this year.

MySpace traffic has been on the decline for at least three years now but this is the first time the social network has fallen out of the Experian Hitwise top 10,” said James Murray of chart tracking service Experian Hitwise.

“In its place, Stumble Upon has risen in the rankings and is now the UK’s tenth most popular social network.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, brands need to be aware of the fast moving trends and which social sites people are visiting

Not surprisingly Facebook tops the chart with an impressive 52% of the social networking market. YouTube comes in 2nd place, with Twitter rounding off the top 3. Google+ is noticeable by its absence from the top 10.

And eBay Inc is barely hanging on to their Top Ten spot too. Looks like all the scams and fraud may be driving this once great website to it’s doom.

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