Alec Baldwin Pokes Fun At American Airlines On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin - SNL Skit

Alec Baldwin - SNL Skit

But it’s OK – Baldwin has played the part of a Pilot before.. 🙄

Alec Baldwin attempted to garner some laughs and pity during “Weekend Update” on this week’s “Saturday Night Live” when he posed as airline pilot Capt. Steve Rogers apologizing to the star for last week’s American Airlines incident.

Baldwin was reportedly kicked off of a flight in Los Angeles when he refused to turn off his iPad prior to take-off. The “30 Rock” actor says he was playing the popular game “Words with Friends,” but airline employees insisted he was talking on the phone.

Flight attendants and other passengers said Baldwin then went into the plane restroom and proceeded to bang on the walls like a little kid in anger before he was escorted from the plane.

In the clip, as the pilot, frequent “SNL” host Baldwin adamantly apologizes to himself, despite “Update” host Seth Meyers jokingly suggesting it might not be the best idea. The actor then reassures Meyers it is, in fact, a good idea.

But was it a good idea? Or maybe a desperate attempt to use his celebrity and a national television platform to get the last laugh? Perhaps we should give Baldwin the benefit of the doubt in that he was poking fun at himself for a incident where his celebrity status didn’t buy him out of bad behavior.

What do you think?

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