Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Battery

Personal Review of Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 5600mAh Extended Battery purchased on

Laza Zcell extended battery gsam
Laza Zcell battery stats via Gsam Battery Monitor (charging)

Received this battery late yesterday and charged it to full capacity. I am a heavy net surfer and after about 4 hours of continuous use it was down to 82% charge. Overnight it dropped to 77% while i was sleeping.

It has long outlasted my S5 factory battery. Be sure to cycle it as suggested by the seller! I am now in the process of intentionally running it fully down to recharge the 5 times as the seller suggests.

I am really impressed so far. I like the cover that makes holding the phone so much easier if you have big clumsy hands.

A good app to monitor your battery life and to see which apps are sucking the most out of your battery is GSam Battery Monitor from the Google play store .

02/05/2015: I finally ran this battery down to 20% after about 30 hours with the screen on full brightness and with moderate to heavy usage. Plugged my S5 into charge overnight. After using the phone for several two factor authentications and some web surfing. Within about an hours time it was down to 91% but even after about 4 hours didn’t fall below 87%. It has been about 9 hours and i still have 80% battery life left. Will update with more info later.

02/06/2015: Latest reading from GSam Battery Monitor. Used 39% in 1 day and 1 hour. I’m definitely impressed!

02/07/2015: I am changing my rating to 5 stars. It has now been 1 day 14 hours since my last full charge. With the screen being on 8 hours 40 minutes. I am showing 22% battery life left. Waiting for my phone to drop to 20% before recharging.

Folks, another app i recommend is “Ccleaner ” that allows you to clean out your cache and stop apps that hide in the background after you tap your home button. That and “GSam Battery Monitor ” will help you isolate rogue apps that is draining your battery fast. Also remember not to top off a battery that is only partially charged. It’s important to cycle your battery. Let it get to 20% before recharging. This battery was a good buy and I’m pleased with my purchase.

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