Airline Pilot Speaks His Mind On Biden/Harris Admin Vaccine Mandate

A movement is gaining traction as the transportation industry, specifically the airline industry, (Southwest) is experiencing canceled flights and putting our country into turmoil. The airline pilots control the system. If they all decide to quit their jobs or are forcefully fired by their employers because of the Biden Admin who is determined to jab every American, we’re in a lot of trouble!! This licensed commercial airline pilot of 14 years spoke out about his feelings and a possible walkout!

In this tictok video, the aviator outlined the dilemma and career choice that he faces because of the vaccine mandate.

BizPacReview reports: An airline pilot speaks out warning America that the precedent set by compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations is just the beginning of further erosions of personal liberty. “Whether you believe vaccination is the right thing to do or not, the situation goes beyond health. You may support the vaccine mandates because they fall in line with your beliefs, but if we let this happen now, there will be a day that what you’re told what to do will not agree with your beliefs.

I’ve used the term, ‘movement’ in my opening statement because a website has been recently set up called Who is data shows it was registered on 09/21/21 and is attempting to be used as support media for pilots who do not agree with the Vaccine Mandate. 💡

NBCDFW-8 reports: There’s talk of staffing issues as industry experts believe there are bigger-picture problems happening for the airline industry as this airline pilot speaks. Southwest Airlines Travel troubles continue for the Dallas-based carrier, as flight delays and cancellations created a domino effect at airports across the country. Southwest had canceled more than 2,000 flights from coast to coast since Friday, including hundreds of flights on Monday alone. There’s talk of staffing issues as industry experts believe there are bigger-picture problems happening for the airline industry. It has been reported air traffic controllers walked out of Jacksonville International Airport on Sunday.

Our country is facing its worse dilemma since World War Two. We’re at war with ourselves, from within, and are being pitted against each other in what I refer to as the Big Divide!

pilot speeks out about vaccine mandate
How American’s are being pitted against themselves, we’re at war with ourselves because of our hidden enemies within!

When blogging an article I research the subject thoroughly and gather credible information and links while properly crediting the sources. As the old saying goes, the truth hurts, which is why many of my articles are shadowbanned in social media and not indexed in search. If you find this info helpful please share wherever possible! ❤

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