Trump Save America Rally Des Moines IA 10/09/21 Instant HD Replay

Former Potus45 Donald Trump held his latest Save America Rally in the Iowa State Fairgrounds last night in Des Moines IA to the fairgrounds record-breaking crowd, and as usual, the Saturday night crowd was tremendous. He used the event to go after the Biden Administration and the Democrats on a number of issues. Our fearless leader spoke about the 2020 Election and went over in detail the numbers of dead people who voted in swing states. Maricopa County AZ deleted separated ballot archives before turning the records over to auditors. This Trump Rally is a must-watch.

Trump Save America Rally 10/09/21. Donald Trump is going to be a Strong Force in American Politics for a long time!

NewsMax reports: Former Potus45 Donald Trump said the Biden administration’s proposed $10 billion in aid to the Taliban should be only made on the condition it returns all of the military equipment President Joe Biden left in Afghanistan. “We want our hostages back, and then we want our equipment back, and then we can start talking about that,” Trump told his Save America rally.

The record-breaking crowd at last night's Trump Save America rally
The record-breaking crowd at last night’s Trump Save America rally in Des Moines IA 10/09/21. Image credit, Ottimua Courier.

“Now the Democrats want $6 billion in new federal funding to teach critical race theory, which I ended in our schools, at the same time that Biden is unleashing the FBI and parents who stand up and object at school board meetings,” Trump said. “The parents are the enemy.” While Biden seeks to investigate and prosecute school board protests, “the hated Taliban,” Trump continued, “is enforced upon us, because of their weakness and their unrealistic stupidity.”

“Patriotic American moms and dads are the enemies, that’s what’s happened America,” Trump said. “Along with the constant use of the city, state, and federal prosecutors, this left-wing tyranny is the kind of thing you see in Russia and China and third-world dictatorships. It’s un-American. It’s got to stop. We’re not going to have a country left.” Democrat leadership, “Joe Biden, and the radical left have brought our nation to the brink of ruin,” Trump said at his Save America Rally.

Trump fans T-shirt sports Biden IS NOT My President at Trump Save America Rally Des Moines IA
Gotta Love this Trump Supporters T-shirt – Biden IS NOT My President, EITHER! Image credit, Ottima Courier.

“The only thing the radical Democrats are good at is hoaxes, witch-hunts, and abuses of power,” he continued. “You saw where the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ was a totally made up and paid for by the Democrats and Crooked Hillary scheme. For five straight years, it has been a con job – one after another, one con job after another – a nonstop parade of fake whistleblowers, phony investigations, twisted conspiracy theories. And very, very perverted lies.”

The rising crime under Biden was a warning Trump made during the 2020 presidential campaign. “Nine months under Biden, violent criminals and gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders, inflation is taking over our economy, China is taking over our jobs, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, lunatic leftists are taking over our schools, and radical socialists are taking over our country,” Trump said. “You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Biden Administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal was “the most embarrassing event in the history of our country!”

Also, he repeated his saying Democrats “used COVID in order to cheat” in the 2020 presidential election, outlining the findings of the Arizona forensic audit of Maricopa County, leading the crowd to chant “Trump won.” “The whole world laughs at us, on this, the border, Afghanistan – everything,” Trump responded. He called for a “complete overhaul of our entire elections system.” at the Save America Rally, “If we want to save our country and make America great again, we have only one choice: We must elect strong and unyielding America First Republicans at every level — and we must pass a complete overhaul of our entire elections system to ensure it is free, fair, honest, and able to be fully audited,” Trump continued. “That begins with November 2022, when we are going to reclaim the House, and we are going to reclaim the United States Senate.”

Trump save america rally des moines IA
How Democrats are taking over America, It’s called Situational Design. Resist their Tyranny! 😡
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