Why Does Mainstream Media Insist On Killing America

Why does mainstream media insist on killing America? I’m sitting here on Labor Day running a few web searches, looking to see what I’ve published has been indexed. Seems both Bing and Google reward the publishers that attack those of us on the right side of politics. Mainstream media must get off on criticizing anyone that’s either a conservative, republican, or Donald Trump supporter. Mainstream media and big tech are killing America, and in turn are Killing Themselves!

killing america
Why does mainstream media insist on killing America? Image credit Desert News.

And while I’m on the subject of Internet Search, did you know there are only Two web search providers in America. The big guys, Bing and Google are all there are. Then there are thousands of Independent search companies that subcontract with one of the two above giants. For instance, AOL search is powered by Bing. DuckDuckGO feeds from Bing’s index, so if you are not indexed by Bing you will not be in DuckDuckGO either. Left-sided political bias is destroying America!

Bing’s search is at least somewhat fair to Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters. Google on the coin’s reverse side is pretty much one hundred percent Conservative, Republican, and Trump supporter negative. Ever since the American people elected Donald Trump as their President, Google insiders made it clear, Donald Trump would NEVER be president again. They engineered their search algorithm to reverse anything Trump. They prioritized the negative keywords and keyphrases to be the top results in search queries. And at the same time literally, burying anything positive so far down in the SERPs, It takes a bot to find it. Google is killing America too!

Narrated screen video example how Google Search Buries Positive Trump Queries

A prime example of big media, negativity comes from Forbes. How ‘Gateway Pundit’ Used Vaccine And Election Misinformation To Earn $1.1 Million In Google Ad Revenue. I actually got a chuckle out of Jim Hoft the GP’s founder/publisher getting paid $1.1 MILLION by Google.. I’m well aware of Gateway Pundit. In my personal opinion, GP is a lot of hype and ads everywhere that someone might click on and ka-ching. As we say in the car business, theirs an ASS for every seat! Web advertising is a big gamble. Google has been on the warpath for some time killing AdSense publisher’s accounts. Advertisers are spending big money with Google and the crap hits the fan if one of their ads is on a website like GP, for example. The greed for money is destroying America!

Just a few of my thoughts. What I don’t understand is why these big media titans and big tech social media platforms are hell-bent on destroying the America I love? Gas in the Tampa Bay Area is hovering just below $3.00 per gallon. Groceries are costing more. Everything we buy is costing more. I’m nearing 70 years old watching the America I love being ripped to shreds from within.

Don’t these titans know what they are doing to kill America? America’s economy was soaring like an eagle under Donald Trump’s leadership. YES, I believe Joe Biden stole the election, by using Covid-19 to allow mail-in ballots, among other underhanded tricks. Biden’s Afghan Disaster is a nightmare with mainstream media trying to cover it up. And Kamala Harris the so-called border Cezar is another disaster. Millions of unvaccinated immigrants are flooding in from her open border. They are killing America. And it’s only a matter of time before our falsely propped-up economy falls on its ass. America is under attack from within and nobody seems to care. All the Wokeness with public schools being turned into indoctrination camps. We can’t just stand back as out country goes to hell around us! It needs to stop before our beloved America is gone forever, God help us!

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