Merry Christmas 2020 To America From The Good Internet Doctor

Merry Christmas America. This blog post will serve two purposes. First off to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. And my thoughts about what’s in-store for America in 2021 politically.

Merry Christmas 2020

Lets start off with this beautiful Christmas song shared by a friend on Facebook ?

We are all here on earth because our father god’s good graces and blessings. Jesus Christ died for our sins and blesses us all every day. While many people do not believer in God, I’m a solid believer and thank him daily for blessing me. Tomorrow is Jesus’s birthday and all of America will celebrate.

On the 17th of December 2019 my girlfriend, a beautiful Thai lady went to heaven. I remember Christmas eve crying all night long, asking the lord what i did that was so wrong that he took her away from me. We had been together 12 of my best years on earth. I never figured out why God took her away from me, but thank him for allowing me to live on and still be here on his good earth.

This blog has mostly been dedicated to supporting Donald J. Trump, America’s best president ever, in my personal opinion. I’ll soon be 69 years young. Over the years I’ve seen America the country I love go to crap. Being in the automobile industry the greatest portion of my life. I remember Detroit pumping out the finest automobiles in the world. In fact speaking of Detroit’s finest cars. North Korea dictator Kim Jong Il was carried to his grave in a 1975 Lincoln Continental Hearse! ?

Kim Jong II funeral procession carried by this 1975 Lincoln Continental Hearse

Under Donald J. Trump’s leadership the disastrous NAFTA trade agreement was turning around. Manufacturers who abandoned America for Mexico and other foreign countries were coming back to America. Many new Jobs became available, and the unemployment rate dropped like a rock.

America was becoming the most sought country for new manufacturers. We were riding high as a country as Democrats tried every trick they could come up with to remove Donald J. Trump from office. They hated America’s progress, but no matter what shady underhanded tricks they pulled, including that Russia Hoax, and bogus impeachment scheme failed miserably!

Then the China Virus AKA CoronaVirus AKA Covid-19 did a number on president Trump’s roaring like a lion American economy. As businesses closed workers lives were in chaos. fidosysop web archive
My cat Rocky and I blogging about politics and other interesting things during the coronavirus country shutdown

In early November I remember driving to vote. It was a very cold morning and my old car has no heat. I literally froze my ass off! Then a few days later I became ill, and had two signs of the coronavirus. My doctor did not suspect covid-19 and did not order a test. But instead prescribed antibiotics that cured my diarrhea and bad cough within a week.

As my luck usually goes, my girlfriend got sick the next week. Her doctor ordered a covid-19 test and her results were positive. She was told to isolate at home for 14 days, but became severely ill. To make a long painful story short, she spent a week in the ICU but survived. She’s still not back to normal. But God decided it was not her time to go. Thank you Jesus for saving her life! ?

In closing, I do not hate anyone. But have defended my president. Yea I’m famous for using a few colorful metaphors to describe someone or something at times. But that’s the Florida Cracker in my personality speaking. I fear for my countries survival under Democratic leadership.

God please save out country from socialist destruction! It’s a well known fact that Democrats who were once called the progressive party have now turned radical. They want to defund our police. Eliminate gas and oil. Their new green deal will destroy America’s self made energy independence. Unemployment will soar back to the Obama days. God please help us all! ?

I'm a former Auto Dealer and Mechanic born in the 50s. In 1991 Doc's Place Bulletin Board System was born on the Fidonet Network. Since the net went public I've been studying and mastering it becoming a tech-savvy hobbyist webmaster. my opinion about many worthy subjects and maintain a large conservative archive!

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