Is Your Website HTML5 Compliant?

It’s time to update your websites HTML to HTML5 to be complaint with today’s web standards.

Is Your Website HTML5 CompliantIf you are running WordPress like this blog it’s HTML5 Compliant out of the box so to speak. But often themes and plugins are not complaint and throw up errors.

Best bet is to start here: W3C Markup Validation Service . Copy and paste your websites url and run the validator. Be sure to check other pages and articles besides your home page.

My advice to help narrow down where your errors are. Download a demo of CSE HTML Validator . Run your page with errors through html validator. It will give you a clear indication where your error are in the page code.

Updating really old html from editors like MS Front Page and MS Expression Web can really be a real chore. Everything has changed since the old days. My original was done in MS Front Page and will pretty much need to be totally rewritten.

Most of today’s web elements use cascading style sheets (CSS) and what we did in older html versions is totally different.

“Personally speaking, I doubt search engines like Google and Bing will penalize older website that was written many years ago. But modern websites and blogs should be in compliance if at all possible.”

But that’s just my two cents worth on this subject.

Have a question? Comment below. 😉

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