The Villages FL Endorsed Joe Biden What A Mistake They Made

Why did The Villages FL Endorse Joe Biden for President 2020? The Villages used to be Trump Territory. My jaw nearly hit the floor when seeing Biden’s campaign ad for The Villages running during Lester Holt’s hate media evening news. Maybe those folks fell victim to Biden’s promise of more social security benefits, while saying president Trump was taking their social security away!

Donna From The Villages Florida Endorses Biden / Harris

In the above Biden / Harris campaign video Donna and her husband are upset that they have not been able to see their grandchildren. A very legitimate concern. All during his campaign Joe Biden can be heard saying he has the cure for Covid19. But the big question is, Does Joe have the cure for Covid19? or is this yet another empty campaign promise to get folks like Donna and her husband to vote for him? Seems his cure is to shut the country down for another 60 days. It also should be noted this campaign video is a single endorsement. However the Biden campaign made it look like an endorsement from the Villages FL which it is clearly not.

Well thankfully Biden / Harris did not take Florida, as Florida is clearly Trump Territory. The grim reapers of the Democratic party are ripe with allegations of voter fraud. Confirmed dead people voting, poll watchers not allowed to observe ballot counting. How can a guy that is so low energy have so many mail in ballots vote for him? This whole election wreaks of fraud!

Today there’s buzz going around the net Joe Biden has proposed a 5% work from home tax (unconfirmed.) And after the World Health Organization (WHO) lied and covered for China as people died, Biden is planning on rejoining the WHO and sending the payments Donald Trump rightfully withheld from the slime-ball organization. America does not need the WHO! ?

Meanwhile the Trump Campaign has filed a flurry of lawsuits related to alleged election fraud. Trump also filed appeals for lawsuits that were thrown out by leftists judges. We’ve all witnessed how bias liberal judge’s can be. Eventbright doubles-down on pro-trump group censorship.

Eventbrite says pro-Trump event violates guidelines; Rep. Louie Gohmert weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends First’.

And lets not forget Dominion Voting Software Flips 6K Trump Votes To Joe Biden. This whole election stinks to high hell of Democrat tricks and manipulation. Hand verify EVERY mail in ballot. Throw out any from Dead People. Verify every signature of legitimate looking mail in ballots and throw out any that are unverifiable. And to those of you in The Villages FL, shame on those of you who turned your back on president Trump. He did more for America than any other president!

I'm an outspoken Florida-born good ole southern boy, and Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, pro-webmaster, and blogger. Hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, and blogging my opinion without beating around the bush!

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