Getting Healthy Writing The Next Chapter Of My Life Story

After the love on my life went to be with the lord just before Christmas 2019, It was time to look at my life. Last month at my doctors office i weighed in at 317 pounds. Though I’m a big frame tall guy, my ideal weight should be around 200 pounds. Today i weighed in at 293 pounds! 🙂

writing life story
The human body is an amazing machine able to repair itself by the fuel we put into it.

When i was 13 i hung around a neighborhood TV shop after school learning how to fix radios and televisions. I lost my right eye being a dumb kid playing with a friend. We were breaking paper clips in half and shooting em with rubber bands. Zap right into my eye.

Growing up poor in my teens realized I needed a trade to earn a living. Dad drove a taxicab so i also hung out at the taxicab garage. Those guys could fix anything and kept those cabs on the road. By my mid 20’s I was buying selling and fixing cars and opened a small used car lot. Later on I specialized in auto air conditioning repair. I’m ASE and MACS certified in automotive heating and air conditioning, a great trade during Florida’s hot muggy summers. Dad died when I was 16 of emphysema of the lungs, I watched him suffocate with a breathing tube in his throat. Mom died of a lymphoma in 1994. And I’m the only child.

Since 1991 I have operated a Fidonet network computer bulletin board system that’s still online today . When the internet was rolled out to the public I studied it’s potential and followed Google learning all the latest web technology, and now are a top hobbyist webmaster, and manage several blogs. I’m a specialist in being found online (seo and social media marketing.) I’m also a conservative blogger and Trump supporter.

Being alone again after my love of the last 11 years passed away, I decided the weight had to go. I had to love and take care of myself first before loving another. Also I wouldn’t want to be a burden to my next and probably last love in this lifetime. Though I’m 68 now I intend on living to at least 100. Weight is literally falling off my hulk of a body! 😉

The human body is an amazing machine able to repair itself by the fuel we put into it.

weight loss solution
A simple easy solution to weight loss. Bag of mixed veggies and 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Gone are the snacks, cookies, cake and pies. Bread and baked goods are bad as well, for me. Depending on our bodies ability to digest food, many things we eat simply turn into cellulite. My body especially. It runs in my dads side of the family, his nickname was fats!

I’m on the chicken and veggies diet. If your overweight try going to Walmart and get a big bag of mixed vegetables, there about $5. Next grab a bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Possibly toss in a few other veggies, I like lima-beans and black eyed peas. Toss em all in with a chicken breast or two into a crockpot. I usually make a batch before going to bed. Set the temperature on low and there done by morning. Set the temp to warm and scoop up a bowl right out of the crockpot until empty. Repeat the process :mrgreen:

my weight today
Weight is literally falling off my body. This morning i weighed 293.8 loosing an easy pound daily.

Update 03/11/20: weighed in at 280.4 this morning. Had a desire for a pizza last Sunday and ate half and threw the other half in the trash. Otherwise still on track toward my target goal of 200 pounds. As y’all can see this works and works well. We have to control our minds – not letting commercial society manipulate and victimize us! 🙂

current weight 03.11.20
Weight down to 280.4 today and quickly moving downward toward my goal of 200 pounds

Update 08/31/20: After getting CoronaVirus burnout I’m back on track.  All the doom and gloom blacked my thinking out. It’s like why am i doing this if I’m going to die? So much for that negativity!

diet 08/31/20
Moving downward 08/31/20 toward my target weight of 200 pounds.

Update 10/25/20: Still moving toward my goal of 200 pounds.

diet photo 10.25.20
10/25/20: Still moving toward my goal of 200 pounds.

I’m eating two bowls of chicken and veggies daily. One around noon, and the other around dinner time. Having a banana for breakfast. Don’t wolf it down as fast as you can, savor the flavor in each spoonful. For a snack usually at night, when I’m laying in bed, a bag of microwave popcorn or maybe two, fills me up. Popcorn with light butter that is! 😉

I'm a former Auto Dealer and Mechanic born in the 50s. In 1991 Doc's Place Bulletin Board System was born on the Fidonet Network. Since the net went public I've been studying and mastering it becoming a tech-savvy hobbyist webmaster. my opinion about many worthy subjects and maintain a large conservative archive!

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02/19/2020 5:32 PM

Crock Pot dinners are the best.