The Best Skype Android Modified App

Skype Android APK App Download
Skype Android APK App Download

Not happy with your Skype Android App?

Here is a great Skype Android MOD that’s loaded up with features.

Skype Android has came a long way since it’s first introduction, but is still lacking features lots of android smartphone users want.

I have been a Skype subscriber for close to 5 years and have a local phone number. It’s great for doing internet work since i have a headset handy leaving my hands free for the keyboard. When I’m away i use the Skype Android app to make and receive calls.

Really a fantastic combination – except to this day the Skype android app is lacking so many useful features. Microsoft recently rolled out the android V4 app and it was not any better than the stock V3 app. I tried v4 and went back to this V3 MOD that works fantastic. Check it out.

The developer (theos0o ) has produced an exceptional Skype Android Mod that has an added advanced settings menu loaded up with features..

I am using this ‘Skype_3.2.0.6673_v19.apk’ and you can Click HERE to browse all theos0o’s Skype apps. He also has older android V2 apps available.

If you have an older phone or tablet that lacks today’s processor and memory speed, this Skype Android V1 version which is “” is the last GOOD V-1 Android app. You can download it from Freeware Lovers .

Update 02/27/2014: Skype modded (build v21 *BETA*) is available from this same developer. I tried it and was turned off because of the address book changes. It is first showing every number i have blocked (telemarketers etc) then my needed contacts. I have to scroll through all that junk to get to my contacts. I uninstalled it and reinstalled 3.2.0. Just my two cents worth. Comments below if you have any.

Update 07/11/2014: Here is a link to this developer (theos0o) latest mod Skype (v22b) .

If you want your Skype Android to Auto Start on your smartphones boot up, this handy app available at the Google play store can take care of that too.

To Install this app: First remove any previous Skype app that’s installed on your phone. Next under your Android settings locate Security > and check the box to allow installation of apps from other sources. Once you have done that, simply download the app from either here or from theos0o’s file host. The app should auto install once it’s downloaded.

Updated 01/31/2015: This is a really old post so i wanted to update it with new information. While the previous Skype Android versions lacked quite a lot of features, since MicroSoft bought the company things have changed.

The up to date version i am using ‘’ as of this update is working great. But still lacks ringtone selection and possibly more. You no longer need another app to start it on boot up. The sound quality is impressive even with two bars of signal strength. There may be a mod for it somewhere but not here anyway.

Any questions? Leave a comment below 😉

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