Trump Rally Wildwood NJ 01/28/20 Instant HD Replay

President Trump put on another high energy rally in Wildwood NJ last night. This was our fearless leaders first rally in Wildwood located on the Jersey shore. Attendees camped out days in advance in the cold NJ weather to get their seats. Meanwhile the Dems Impeachment sham is flopping like a fish out of water. The Biden’s and Democrat corruption is being exposed!

From The Phily Inquirer: They took jitneys down from Atlantic City, pre-gamed with Yuenglings and flags at a local Irish bar, and tailgated in the Wildwoods Convention Center parking lot overnight. The energy was so high it could power the whole state!

trump rally wildwood
Trump fan with a motor-home decorated with memorabilia proudly shows off his collection

The crowd that buzzed Tuesday around the Wildwood boardwalk with provocative T-shirts and slogans. Flashes of defiant patriotism. And generally elevated exuberance just to be there simply blended in with the town’s usual Jersey Shore vibe.

Meanwhile earlier in the day a CBS Philly live broadcasting van was towed away. Bet that went over like a fart in church as the crowd chanted thank you president Trump. 😆

Above, from the boardwalk, Trump fans began lining up to heckle protestors. “Where’s Hunter?” they yelled back, referring to Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden whom Republicans have floated calling as a witness in Trump’s impeachment trial. Dawn Liston of Williamstown said protesters were spit on by Trump rally goers when they arrived with signs. “I’m sad,” she said. “I’m sad our country is so divided.”

“Lock him up!” protesters shouted about Trump. “Lock her up!” Trump fans shouted back, a refrain from the 2016 campaign about Hillary Clinton, as the boardwalk standoff continued in a cold wind. “Go back to your s—hole countries!”

trump rally wildwood
This large overflow crowd at last nights Trump Rally Wildwood NJ hang out in the freezing cold watching the rally from a huge megatron

It’s imperative America votes Republican across the board. Democrats HATE America and the Schiff Sham is the perfect example of Democratic hatred for our fearless leader. While you’re here check out my large collection of Trump rally instant replays. 😉

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