FidoSysop’s Two Cents Worth For Sunday 07/28/19

Yesterday was the server hacking day from hell. First i caught Google or a Googler IP attempting a Path Traversal Attack on my server. They were attempting to get access to my WordPress wp-config file, but the servers Mod Security stopped them cold.

But that was not the end of it. It soon became very clear, someone was trying to shoot the messenger. This blog runs a neat plugin that blocks the IP of a user enters a wrong password. I started getting a ton of notification emails (2-5 minute) that an IP was blocked. Further investigating revealed a botnet dictionary bot attack trying to access my WordPress admin account. A quick IP allow/deny htaccess rule put the halt to that attack.

Today i logged into my CloudFlare account and after tabbing to the firewall, I discovered a slew of Vietnam hits that were denied access by a firewall rule. Guys CloudFlare is the best website protection ya can get. This video shows the country block settings in CloudFlare. Best of all this setup stops the attackers before they hit your server or hosting account!

So I’m on Google’s Crap List – being a Donald J. Trump supporter will do that to anyone. They are manipulating my YouTube channel views. Most likely so my videos will never become popular or trend. Everything on the net is manipulated. We are allowed access to what the gatekeeper approves. I’m thinking the 2020 Presidential election will be challenging.

Social Media for a guy like me just don’t compute. Social Media works best for those who have the talent to influence others. That leaves me out of the game as nobody really cares about the little guy, and it’s nearly impossible to build a following.

I’ve managed to acquire 300+ followers on Twitter since 2013. My Facebook page is an exception with 4000+ likes to date. Seems like taking screenshots of tweets and sharing to my page works the best to stir engagement. But I feel I’m now on Facebook’s crap list, so my page could be deleted at any time. Yesterday i noticed blog posts shared from this domain were not visible. Facebook is no longer scraping my YouTube video urls, but could be Google’s doing.

This blog and forum is operated as a hobby, and as a way to freely express my thoughts in cyberspace. It’s really useful these days as censorship is ramping up in social media. As a teen i learned to fix television and radios. Wound up being a used car dealer after buying 3 old cars. I took parts from 1 car to fix the other two, sold those two and made $200 profit. Gave the cannibalized parts car to ta neighborhood salvage yard.

In 1991, doc’s place bbs online was born using an IBM 286/12 clone computer and a 2400 baud modem. That system is still online today nearly 28 years later. It has many members who still love to bbs, even though it’s a text based system with no graphic capabilities.

About 10 years ago I broke my hip and was forcefully retired from the car business. These days my disability prevents most outdoors activities. Wished i was able to do a few needed repairs to my old car. Being a used car dealer i realized fixing my own cars was imperative, and once swung the meanest wrench in town.

So here i sit blogging away in cyberspace supporting MY President Donald J. Trump, who is truly Making America GREAT AGAIN! 🙂 I speak whats on my mind just as i see it, with no sugar-coating or sometimes netiquette applied. Y’all are welcome to join my forum to talk politics, support president Trump. or discuss anything else on your mind.

I'm an outspoken Florida-born good ole southern boy, and Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, pro-webmaster, and blogger. Hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, and blogging my opinion without beating around the bush!

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