Gab Social Media Alternative Deplatformed By Big Tech

Stepping on Big Tech’s toes is an apparent NO-NO as Gab the Twitter alternative social media website found out the hard way. After giving another Twitter alternative Parler a plug, and mentioned Gab in that article, this is my two cents worth on Gab and Deplatforming.

gab app deplatformed by google
Censorship rules America as Orwellian bullies decide what we are allowed to read

Update 06/29/19: Gab Dissenter Privacy Browser is released. Read about the exciting new changes the folks at Gab have coming soon!

Let’s start out with this comment on FidoSysop’s Parler article.

gab twitter alternative deplatformed
You haven’t been keeping up or ask questions as to why Apple or Google does not have a Gab app.

Upon registering my brand account on Gab, and searching Googles play store a Gab Android APP couldn’t be found. The commenter was correct, I had not researched why there was no app. After landing on this article by ARS Technica, the answer was clear. Gab got WHACKED by BIG TECH, particularly by Google for a hate speech violation of their terms of service (TOS.)

Gab technologically seems to be a far superior platform than Parler, which may have targeted its browser plugin Dissenter, an internet-wide comment section. According to the daily beast, Google and Mozilla banned the browser extension, dissenter made by the social network Gab on Thursday, dealing another blow to the alt-rights favorite social platform.

The new bans target Dissenter, a browser extension created by Gab that adds a parallel comment section to any web page on the internet. The decision from the two tech companies makes it harder for people to add Dissenter to their browsers.

This reminds me of what Big Tech did to Alex Jones (InfoWars.) I’m no fan of Jones by any means, but what happened to him could happen to anyone. If big-tech does not approve of what a person or company is doing their big weapon is the de-platforming torpedo. Freedom of speech is being dictated by Orwellian corporate bullies.

Recently James O’Keeffe, of Project Veritas did an excellent expose of Pinterest. Seems Pinterest was associating pining from and certain bible verses as PORN! YouTube pulled his Pinterest expose video under a so-called privacy policy complaint. Privacy my big fat ass. Google was covering Pinterest’s butt!

Here’s another good example on this website I publish. Google is covering eBay’s butt, sweeping used car auction fraud awareness under the table. I’ve operated that website since 2004 yet most of its motor vehicle fraud awareness advice can’t be found on Google, which is also in the business of concealing the corporate crime. Trump’s Antitrust investigation should do the trick!

But getting back to Gab, It’s a very fast site that’s taking advantage of CloudFlare CDN. Site functionality is good, except I don’t like having to click to see embedded content. Gab could offer its apps via site download. There is no rule that devices can not run apps from 3rd party developers. Under Android, it’s a security setting allowing app install from other sources.

The bottom line to the folks at Gab. FIGHT BACK! Make your apps available from the site home page, with an explanation of why they are not available from big tech providers. Tell your story on your site’s home page that’s mostly empty space, make use of it! 😎

I'm an outspoken Florida-born good ole southern boy, and Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, pro-webmaster, and blogger. Hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, and blogging my opinion without beating around the bush!

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