Pandora One Internet Radio Review

I have been a subscriber to Pandora One for several years and it’s renewal time.

Pandora One Windows Client
Pandora One Windows Client

And I should also say that i enjoy the service. It works well with Pandora One’s Windows client.

“Got what looks like a data dump of unreadable code this morning in a renewal email from Pandora. Well i figured i would go and renew for another year. I log into my Pandora account and were hit with a screen that prompted me to renew at $3.99 Month a $1 monthly saving.”

For the past 3 years i paid annually for the service which i believe last year was $24.95 for the year. Now a subscription to Pandora One costs $3.99 month and they say I’m saving a dollar at that. Which adds up to $47.88 for 12 months of service. Nearly double what it was last year. 🙄

Also the folks at have disabled my profile. Clicking on my profile or help, or any other links on the website do not work. I also tried using a different web browser to no avail. The only option is to subscribe at $3.99 per month.

It’s convenient to have the Pandora One client minimized and playing the oldies as i work (and play) but the constant nagging “are you still listening? We pay for each song” message displayed on the client when it quits working. Clicking the yes I’m still listening button is good for about another 30 minutes until the music dies again. This time the message is “your computer is having trouble connecting to the internet” which is total BS!

I have learned to shut down the client and restart it every couple of hours to stop being interrupted by Pandora One nag messages. After all they offer a service and i purchased it.

If Pandora One is in such bad financial shape that they have to send these nagging messages every few hours they might as well shut the service down. I guess looking at the other side of the coin, if your paying monthly and they go belly up your not out much.

Just my two cent’s worth.

Unreadable Renewal Message From Pandora One.

Updated 05/29/2014: It’s been close to a month and i found a better internet radio station that plays good classic oldies and is FREE! Check out I’m happy to report there is so much more on that channel than on Pandora One.  I’m hearing classic 60’s rock songs i never heard on Pandora. Create a free account and add your favorite tunes to the favorites menu. Ive been playing it most every day with no nag go pro messages.

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