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Jeff Bezos Dumb Dick Just Cost Him A Shitload Of Money!

An old car dealer buddy of mine once said, the road to pussy is lined with danger! So here we have Jeff Bezos the founder of and owner of the Washington Compost, as many president Trump fans call it, who just fell into an expensive pussy trap. The National Enquirer must be flying off the shelves right about now! 😆

Bezos Sanchez

Was Laure Sanchez worth $64 Million? What will become of Amazon if Jeff Bezos divorces?

The national enquirer is said to have a photo of Bezos penis that he sent to his sweetie Lauren Sanchez via text message, among other juicy gossip. Soon Bezos penis will be making the rounds in cyberspace. With divorce lawyers gearing up for the big $144M split of assets, I’m wondering what will become of Amazon? Washington is a 50/50 split state!

During a four-month investigation, Jeff was seen canoodling with Lauren Sanchez, a former Extra personality, and wife of the extremely powerful talent agent Patrick Whitesell. The alleged couple has seemingly linked up any time they could find a second away from their spouses, including exotic trips on his $65 million private jet, secret meetings at private estates, romantic hikes, swanky dinners, and breathtaking helicopter rides.

We can bet president Trump is getting some enjoyment out of this. After all Bezos Washington Post (washington-compost) sure has been trashing him! 😆

Speaking of the National Enquirer, anyone remember when Ted Cruz published a semi nude photo of Melania Trump during the 2016 campaign? Soon there after the Enquirer stuck it to him big time. Cruze’s wife was seriously pissed off!

Ted Cruz Expose National Enquirer

Ted Cruze got this payback from the national enquirer for publishing a semi nude photo of Melania Trump

Popcorn anyone? 😎

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