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Stuck In The Middle Of T-Mobile Network Google Pixel 3 Feud

After receiving a new Google Pixel 3 Smartphone for Christmas I’m having problems receiving text messages from Verizon and AT&T. I can send texts OK but being on the T-Mobile network can not receive.

T-mobile support told me messages were coming into their network but were not reaching my pixel 3. Support also said in order to receive text messages get another phone. My Pixel 3 is to blame. Obviously there’s a feud going on between Google and T-Mobile, and I’m stuck in the middle! Further info is in this article i blogged earlier.

T-Mobile Google Pixel 3 Feud

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard spot with my new pixel 3 that is incompatible with T-Mobile network

Meanwhile after replying to an existing support thread, saying either fix this phone or refund my money. This canned response just came into my Gmail inbox.

Hi Ed,

Thank you for contacting Google Support.

I reviewed your interaction and I understand that you are experiencing trouble with text messages, I’m sorry to know about that. I’ve forwarded this case to our concerned team, they’ll have a look over the concern and once I get the information I’ll get back to you with an update shortly.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with us.

It all boils down to this. Either this pixel 3 is seriously mucked up, or T-Mobile was pissed i didn’t buy a phone from them. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 1997 and praise the network and customer support. However the sales people in their Clearwater store are hucksters. Every time I’ve bought a phone there my rate plan was changed, and insurance etc was added to my account without my consent or knowledge.

I doubt Google will index this post – just like the majority of Trump posts! 🙄

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