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Welcome to FidoSysop Archive Blog. I’m an MS-DOS days Fidonet network computer bulletin board system operator (SysOp), turned pro-webmaster, and blogger, hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech. Times sure have changed since first going online in 1991 with an old 2400 baud modem!

I’m a St. Petersburg Florida-born good ole southern boy from the early ’50s. As a teenager, I learned to fix radios and TVs. Also hung out at a local taxi-cab garage after school, learning how to fix cars. In 1972 I became the youngest state-licensed used car dealer, buying older cars and fixing them up to resell. Later in life when automotive refrigerant required having an ASE and MACS certificate to buy the refrigerant which did the cooling, (Freon R-12), I got certified and specialized in fixing automobile air conditioners. A niche business during Florida’s “dog-days-of-summer.” In 1991 I put online a Fidonet network computer bulletin board system using an old IBM 286/8 clone PC, which is still online today. Soon afterword the Internet was rolled out to the public, so here I am, hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech! 😎

Early Fidonet Computer Bulletin Board System Telnet Access Tour, and we did it all in MS-DOS without a GUI or a Mouse!

At nearly 70 years old, I’m very concerned about my country’s well-being. After spending more than half of my life in the automobile business, I loved the fine quality automobiles Detroit pumped out in my younger days. North Korea could have had its choice of any hearse to carry Kim Jong Il, to his final resting place. But look at this 6 TON Slab of Detroit Iron North Korea chose, a 1975 Lincoln Continental. A testament to Detroit’s once-proud days. In fact, by the mid-’80s Detroit was cranking out JUNK! No wonder the Japanese imports captured the US automobile market. These days things are not a whole lot better. GM is still building short lifespan junk, built to last until the warranty expires, And Chrysler isn’t a whole lot better than the mark of crap (GM). Ford however is a well-built American automobile. If I was in the market for a new American car, It would be a Ford! Otherwise, the Korean imports, Hyundai and Kia are the best bang for the buck. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are great cars, but are overpriced in my humble personal opinion!

Over the years I’ve observed my once-proud American homeland going to crap. Greedy politicians have sold America out. Once proud American cities turned into slums, as their politicians became richer and more powerful. It seemed our homeland was a goner as businesses moved overseas where labor was cheap. Skilled American workers lost their jobs causing hard family times, and setting in motion foreclosures and vehicle repossessions. It seemed nobody cared about the American worker!

But in 2015 a non-politician American businessman stepped forward promising to Make America Great Again. His name was Donald J. Trump. From the moment he announced his campaign at Trump Tower, he was attacked by the media and censored by social media. When Donald Trump won big in 2016 it shocked big-tech monoliths headed by Google who altered their search algorithm to bury positive Trump content and prioritize the negative, swaying voter’s opinions, which should have been a crime!.

Donald Trump kept his word and made Americans proud again! Lower corporate taxes enticed corporations to move back to America, which was respected worldwide. Then came Covid-19 that forced businesses to close, and employees were laid off. Personally, I believe that politics was behind the Wuhan lab leak. Donald Trump was taking a big bite out of China’s economy. They had to halt Trump’s roaring economy and prevent him from winning another term. Maybe another civil war, or even WW3 is possible.

president Donald Trump visits his troops in Afghanistan Thanksgiving 2019
President Donald Trump visits his troops on Thanksgiving 2019 with a surprise visit to Afghanistan. He set up big media by tweeting he would be golfing but instead slid off to Afghanistan in Air Force One. The media made asses of themselves as expected.

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