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From 1991 Into 2018 and hopefully well into the future, Doc’s Place BBS is the home for savvy Fidonet Network Bulletin Board System callers (BBS)

Doc’s little piece of cyberspace showcases the good old days before the net. While keeping up with today’s tech world. Kindly say hello while your here. :wink:

Bulletin Board System (BBS) Main Menu

Early Wildcat bulletin board system main menu

We System Operator’s (SysOp’s) as we were called back in the old DOS and Desqview (multitasking) days are the early online communication pioneers of the era. Using personal computers and dial up modems, we relayed early Electronic Mail (Echomail) worldwide via the Fidonet Network, that still exists today.

Doc’s Place BBS is web browser accessible. Offers web based qwk mail, and language translation. Or Telnet in on port 26 for a simulated dial up terminal experience. :wink:

Doc’s Place Synchronet BBS 1:123/141 is now online. It’s a more modern version of Fidonet system that better supports messaging online through it’s html interface.

Doc's Place Synchronet BBS

Our alternative board is 1:123/141 running Synchronet V1.37 allowing web telnet and nntp access to the Fidonet backbone.

This website is a treasure trove of early communications history. Have a look around using our navigation menu above. Or try our custom search engine.

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